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How Amotekun Operatives Threatened To Blow My Head – Ibadan-Based Photographer Narrates Ordeal


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An Ibadan-based photographer has narrated his encounter with Amotekun operatives in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

The photographer, with the Twitter handle: @highfee_nonii, revealed that he was treated aggressively by the South Western security outfit.

According to him, on his way from church at 12 noon on Tuesday, he saw people running from Amotekun.

He explained that since he committed no crime, he continued driving and he saw them shoot at a man who went to ease himself in a bush, but fortunately they missed.

He stated that his face registered his displeasure at what they had done so a member of the security outfit told him to drive off.

However, he responded that he was doing that, but the road was too bad to allow him drive at a faster pace.

His response angered the Amotekun operatives and they asked him to alight from his car.

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He said they were aggressive and one of them threatened to blow his head off.

He noted that they searched his trunk and saw his photography gadgets.

The Twitter user said he had to explain to the operatives what he does for a living to them.

He added that they started cursing him and said: “Ogun will kill his mum.”

He concluded by asking why the security outfit should be allowed such power to intimidate citizens without control.

He wrote: “I’m scared we have unleashed monsters who will do more harm than good if we don’t curb these excesses! Funny thing is I support the force but now, I’m not so sure anymore!”

He tagged the Oyo State Government and the Governor, Seyi Makinde, in his thread.

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