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Some said it’s a myth but I think it’s mightier than those with weak immune system,

what if it’s real like the word real itself ?

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It’s real because the reality is everywhere ,

It’s a myth just like mid-night old forktails,

If you ask me, forktail teaches morality,

Covid-19 existence preaches consistence compliance,

Wait a minute,

why the fuse? When we can all focus on the solution.

Many heroes have fallen,
just like a falling helpless tree,

Why can’t we deal with the novel virus so as to live again,

many novel captured the importance of life,

can we live a fulfilled life with nonchallant altitude?

If wishes were to be horses, covid-19 would have been a thing of the past,

salvaging this unusual situation is non-negotiable,

If you say covid-19 is not real, who am I to revolt?

only vulnurable souls can vociferate the silent torture,

if it’s a myth because it hasn’t gotten to your side, belief me the novel virus is mightier than volcano,

shaking the world like thunderous voice of Pharaoh,

if flattening the curve is hard, escalating the outbreak could be disastrous,

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the myth could be assumed to be a fallacy, while the reality is embraced to safe the world,

the misconception is far from existence,

Covid-19 is real, the reality has even equiped and taught us lots of lessons,

It’s existence has foster oneness and unity,

the wealthy, middle class and the destitutes are all in the river bank,

the novel virus know not religion, nor demography,

can we differentiate the rich from the poor via face masks?

the uniformity is exceptional,

If you belong to uptown, and I belong to grassroot,

the following still makes us one,

facemask for the face,
Sanitizer for the hand,
Social distancing for all,

the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical measure is for you, myself and them.

I am me because I am,
you are you since you are,

the novel virus is the intruder because it came like a thief in the night, took our known way of living from us, and made us act like strangers to each other.

let’s collectively deal with it,

while we make the world a better place to live once again.

Deji Ola is my name

renewed zealory


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