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Dear esteem readers, kindly permit me to go triplicative this evening while we enjoy this caption together. Trust me, I will do justice to it and won’t bore you with excessive rhetorics.

Apparently, for the past few weeks, I have been trying hard not to dabble into recent happenings in the party and Oyo state by extension. As a core party man, I think at this juncture, it’s important I make my stand known so as to serve as reference point for the next generation. Worthy of note is that I am a well bred Ibadan man and will never call blue black even in the face of threats.

“Ilu gangan” (Talking drum) is one of the most popular drum in the whole world and this is not unconnected with it’s ability to imitate the rhythm, the rise and fall of words in languages. Ilu gangan has been used in the past to settle communal and domestic crisis; even to appease the gods. As good as this is, it also on different occasions has been used as catalyst for crisis. History has it that the first Oloolu masquerade killed his only daughter as a result of evil role played by a talking drum. One will ask, did the talking drum played itself? Your answer is as good as mine. The bottom line is that, for all ilu gangan, there must be a drummer and even to spectators.

Can we quickly go practical? A talking drum would be useless without a good drummer who can use his skills to either calm unease situation or cause more havoc. What if there is no cheering spectators who are always ready to cheer the drummer even when it’s crystal clear that there is fire on the mountain? If you will agree with me, the role “we” the spectators play can never be over-emphasized. And as a matter of fact, the power to halt any ill-situations resides with us.

Take a moment to imagine talking truth to the drummer who is ready to ignite fire in the face of nomalcy. Imagine if we collectively agree to give honour to whom same is due without special preference to the highest bidder?

In order not to deviate from the premise of this pen work, it’s high time we all ask ourselves one million in one question;

Am I the talking drum being used to cause unrest in Oyo state PDP and Oyo state at large?

Am I that drummer who will always do everything possible to cause issues out of no issues? The type who always see joy whenever there is conflicts?

Am I among those spectators who always cheer key players whenever they are deviating from the core values even to the detriment of our dear state? For all roles we are all playing today, posterity is watching us.

I quiet agree with Albert Einstein on his assertion that “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. Our conscience is there to do justice to whatever we are doing. We should not forget easily the yoruba popular sayings which says “ilu gangan” can be confusing sometimes, it all depend on where it’s facing. This is my own neutral opinion.

Deji Ola is my name, I write to express my self, not to judge anyone.

renewed zealory.


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