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Police DPO Shoots At Amotekun Officer For Arresting Fulani Herdsmen In Oyo State

Mr. Adepoju  Ayodeji, the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Ile-Igbon Division, Surulere Local Government Area of Ogbomoso in Oyo State, has  reportedly shot an operatives of Amotekun for arresting Fulani herdsmen who allegedly destroyed a cassava farm.

The Amotekun Commandant, Col. Olayinka Olayanju said the officers were responding to a distress call by a farmer who’s farm was being destroyed by the herdsmen who left their cattle to graze on the farm indiscriminately.

On getting to the farm, they apprehended the BORORO that was involved in the situation and took them to the police station to handed them over to them.

However, the situation changed when the Amotekun operatives got to the police station as the DPO ordered the arrest of the operatives who brought in the Fulani herdsman.

When the leaders of the Amotekun group, led by Olatunji Mayowa and Jenyo Isiaka got to the station to secure the release of the arrested Amotekun personnel, the DPO said the Amotekun operatives had no business in arresting anybody.

While one of the Amotekun operatives was speaking with the police officer on duty at the station, the DPO came out of his office, shot at them, and chased them away.

He said, “As one of the leaders of the Amotekun was discussing with the police station guard, the DPO rushed out from his office, snatched an AK 47 rifle from one of his officers, and sprayed the Amotekun operatives with bullets.

“One of the men of Amotekun, Job Adewale, was hit at close range in the right leg and the bullet also broke his right ribs. The DPO reloaded the rifle and released more gunshots at other personnel while they were trying to carry the wounded Adewale.”

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