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Being template for building Oyo West of our dream by Hon. Wahab Daud Temitope ‘Prof T’, a Chairmanship aspirant for Oyo West Local Government election)

The local government council being the closest tier of government to the people is critical for development planning. Therefore, it is germane ensure the responsibility for local governance is entrusted to people with demonstrable commitment to common ground and history of service. This is what I represent! From my days in students’ movement to community activism and social entrepreneurship, I have single-mindedly served our community and proven what I can do in positive ways if entrusted with public responsibility.

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It is clear that the present local government administration lacks focus and wherewithal to put the best at serving the good people of Oyo West local government. In a popular saying of a political philosopher, “those who makes injustice are no more wretched than those that suffer it”. This makes it incumbent on us to come forward with a rebranding, innovative and productive form of governance to make our people truly feel impacts of good governance to help transform their livelihoods and guarantee their security within our local space.

When given the opportunity to serve, our administration shall be critically looking into policies that will have direct effects on the lives of the people at the grassroots and addressing various challenges plaguing our immediate communities. We shall change the usual narratives of ineptitude and underperformance in our local government council.
We have the following 8-Point Agenda to come on board with, in complementing the good work of the amiable governor of the state, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde. They are as follows;
Health Care
Youth and Sports

Farming remains a major business and popular activity in our community, a known economic mainstay and sources of food to the urban ppopulation. Therefore we shall provide incentives to the farmers through free distribution of agricultural inputs and provision of tractors for ploughing at a subsidized rrate. This process shall go a long way to call our youths back into modern-day style of farming, get them engaged and ultimately make significant reduction in unemployment rate in our local government.

In furtherance of the urbanization project of the state government, our administration shall initiate “Operation Light-Up Our Street”. Our major streets and roads shall be provided with street light of a solar panel component. This will provide a serene environment for our traders to easily go by their night business activities and to also aid the security architecture in our local government. Naming of roads, streets and numbering of houses shall be a cardinal project we are coming on board with. Oyo Township is becoming an emerging city in Nigeria. It’s a hub for education, global cultural activities and tourist centres, thus needed to be given cosmopolitan image. Hence, the need to name streets and number houses in accordance to 21st century practice; there shall be construction of roads to our villages and maintenance of the existing ones.

Amotekun operatives, Men of vigilante groups and other local security personnel shall be optimally integrated into our security network plans to work hand-in-hand with NPF in salvaging our community to be free of criminal activities; banditry, hooliganism, kidnapping and others. They shall be aided with needed materials and augmenting of the given running cost by the state govt.

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Under this programme, we shall be taking care of the aged and destitute. All over the world, aged people are the senior citizens. They are to be supported and treated with honour and candour. There shall be provision for monthly stipends to cushion their daily spending. The second phase of our empowerment project shall be based on helping the small scale business owners with loans and grants by liaising with commercial banks on stated terms that emphasize repayment.

Our Primary Health Cares (PHCs) shall be provided with drugs and other needed facilities that gives 21st century treatment. Monthly sanitation programmes will be taking a new dimension, as strict punishment would be placed on the defaulters. This is an effort towards having a habitable environment for our people. There shall be conscious awareness among our people through local media outlets to educate the public on the need for practicing ‘green-life’ initiative. The waste to wealth program will equally be undertaken to generate revenue and ensure a clean and healthy environment.

As globally acknowledged, education plays a vital role in realizable development and progress of a particular community and it is the tool that propels a society into being an egalitarian, which bridge gap of illiteracy and innocence. Our administration will put adequate measure in place to upgrade the method of teaching in our schools by introducing the contemporary ways which in tum speaks volume of students’ performance in WAEC and NECO exams. Yearly quiz competition shall be key part of the revolution we’re bringing into education sector in our local govt, to motivate and inspire the students in doing best in their studies.

Sporting activities promote love and unity among all clans and classes in a particular community/country, thus a befitting look shall be worn by this sector, we’ll look depth in getting our young and talented brains in all sporting activities sponsored to an international level, through organization of ‘catch them young’ sporting project.

ICT is a fast emerging age, it’s a faster and easiest life of this present century, our youths will be taken on an intensive training on graphics and software designs. These set of trained youths shall be empowered with necessary materials and thus reduce the rate of unemployment in our community.

Dear good people of Oyo West, it is time for us to usher in a new leadership of dedicated proven, experienced and qualified capacities. Getting me elected means getting quality leadership, competency and honesty.

By taking actions, we’re getting results.

God bless you all !

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