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Why I Snubbed Bode George’s Reconcilation Meeting,Oyo PDP Chieftain


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Chieft Rasheed Adebisi Olopoeyan, a Chieftain of People’s Democratic party (PDP) in oyo state have given reason why he refused to attend the reconciliation meeting summoned by the former National Vice-Chairman of the party, Chief Olabode George to mediate between the warring parties in the party, He said the reason was because the meeting was held in the night and for his own Security, he had to stay away because if anything should happen, it will be tagged Armed Robber attack.

He also recountted that since he had raised alarmed on a radio program on Noble FM in July 2020, most committees have been formed, we’ve held meeting with the Saka Balogun committee, Oyinlola committee and recently the Bukola Saraki led National reconciliation committee but all seems to prove abortive, then what’s the essence of attending a meeting that won’t at the end of the day yeild any positive outcome.

While talking about the local government primaries, he said those that attended the meeting gave him feedback, he said the governor said, since they’ve resorted to going to court on the matter, then they should see it through.

Olopoeyan made it known during the interview that he purchased nomination forms for seven intending councillors, and the deposits were made through his account into Kunmi Mustapha and Wasiu Adeleke’s account, that is, the party does not have an account with which the party funds are managed, therefore, there is lack of probity in their financial dealings.

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He further advice the governor to order the refund to all the members of the party who obtained the form, since the party didn’t later conduct primaries for the Candidates to put their popularity to test, when they knew they were not ready to commit to a democratic process, why should they make people spend such huge amount of money on a undemocratic process.

He noted that 808 obtained Councillorship forms while we need just 351, 149 obtained Chairmanship nomination forms while we only needed 33, why were they collecting those money when they knew they won’t Conduct primaries? He asked, he said throughout the entire 33 local government there were more than two Aspirants contesting for a single post aside lagelu where there was concensus.

The governor would have solved this crisis, If he has invited all Party stakeholders before the Commencement of the sales of form and they would have agreed on how to share the positions amongst them and avert this crisis, but he allowed people to go ahead and purchase form at Exorbitant prices, then handpicked some people, who will refund those other people?

He talked about his Relationship with the governor, he said he decided to stop going to governor’s house till he does the right thing in the party, The governor used to dash me money each time I visit him, but I decide to stop going there, it’s over five months now we’ve seen each other despite the fact that we’re neighbours” He said.

He finally stated that for the crisis in the party to end, we do not need outsiders to help mend our fences, the governor knows what’s causing the crisis and only him knows the solution, once he’s ready to resolve the crisis, he’ll activated the plan.

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