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FAREWELL RAMADAN, Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabreal Felicitates With Muslim Faithfuls.

Ramadan is the month of righteousness and generosity, the month of forgiveness and liberation from Hell. It is all but gone now but we must we must continue in this right path and pray for our country.

Hon. Adebayo Babajide, member, Oyo State House of Assembly representing Ibadan North State II constituency said while sending good will messages to Muslim faithfuls, ‘few weeks ago , Muslim faithfuls welcomed the arrival of the glorious month, the iftar,the act of fasting, reading Quran, helping others and other act of righteousness are important parts of the month of Ramadan and I encourage the Muslim faithfuls to continue these good deeds.

He said further, urging Muslims in Ibadan North and Oyo state to imbibe in the teachings of the holy month of Ramadan and he stressed further by saying I have learnt a lot in this holy month and I like this quote: “Have a greater concern for the acceptance of your deeds than you do for the amount of deeds you have performed. Do you not you hear the saying of Allah: ‘Indeed, Allah accepts only from the righteous” (Al Maa’idah: 27).

Finally, He said ” I wish all Muslim faithfuls in Ibadan North Constituency 2 and Oyo State, Ramadan mubarak.

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