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Save The Model School, Save My Alma Mater


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It is quite unfortunate that many schools in Oyo State are in deplorable and degradable state, including my alma mater. Government Secondary School, Orita-Aperin, Ibadan was one of the model schools constructed during the administration of Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja. The school located at Adesola area of Orita-Aperin, Ibadan shares similar structure with TL Oyesina Model Secondary School, Monatan, Ibadan.

Over the past, GSS has been the delight of many, but today, it has turned to a laughing stock in the midst of other model schools. Today, GSS lacks nearly everything it needs to stand as a model school. During our time in the school, there were students who came from very far areas like; Moniya, Ayegun Oleyo, and Elebu to the school, but today, you will hardly find such things, because the attractive things in the school are no more.

People don’t only choose schools because of the kind of education services the school renders. They also put some other things like; building and structure, staff strength, and security into consideration. GSS had nearly all of these then, but today, it is no gainsaying that it lacks many of the necessary things it used to have in the past and ought to maintain till now.

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It is always heartbreaking for me to see students of my beloved alma mater sitting on floors, stones, and similar uncomfortable things during lessons. Many classes are in deficit of chairs, windows, and doors. The school library, halls, and some staff rooms are not even spared from deplorable outlook. The attractive school is gradually trending down the path of collapse.

Some people may ask, “what are the old students doing?” But take note that the school is not yet ripe for comparison with the likes of Government College Ibadan and Lagelu Grammar School. Only four sets of people have been produced by the school; those learning in higher institutions of learning, those praying for admission into higher institutions, those trying to have strong feet in the society, and those learning skills.

I hereby call on the State Government, philanthropic organisations, and privileged individuals to kindly come to the aid of the school, assess the level of damages, and help in remodeling, refurbishing and renovating the school. Thank you and God bless you! Save the model school!

Abdullateef B. Isa,
Ibadan, Nigeria.

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