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EXCLUSIVE: How My Administration Plan To Make Ibadan North Local Government The Best Among Equals—Hon Yusuff Sahib Oladayo


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The Executive Chairman of Ibadan North Local Government, Hon Yusuff Shaib Oladayo Popularly known as (AGBA EGBE) has highlighted with Keen interest some of major activities his Administration will be embarking upon within the first 100days in office, and beyond.

Speaking With Some Selected Pressmen at his office on Tuesday, the 1st of june 2021 in Ibadan, Agba Egbe express dissatisfaction with the state of primary Education in his local government, hence the need to inject new blood in to the system, saddled with the primary responsibility of reviving the lost glory back inline with the Educational goals of Governor Seyi Makinde.

When asked the type of governance that should be Expected of him he said without mincing word “an all-inclusive” governernment, now it’s about Ibadan North and not party nor individual, we all have to be on the same page if we want to take our dear local government to greater heights.

We’ve Started With The Education Sector which was the very first assignment i assented to, just yesterday we held a program where exceptional primary school Pupils were encouraged, I believe this will go a long way in boosting their morals as young pupils.

“I had a reason to visit my primary school for my Testimonial certificate, and what I saw was very devastating. The headmistress office and other offices are bad, dilapidated classrooms, it was a very nonconducive environment for the pupils.

I told myself, it’s time to revive the primary Education as a whole in the local level, that was an evident as we’ve started by distributing over 400books to schools pupils accros various primary schools.

We also plan to center our Administration on the major tenents which are:

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å Security
å Education
å Local Economic Drive
å Empowerment/ Identification/ Training and Monitoring
å Roads/Infrastructure

On Security, before our business can trive we first need to ensure that business, lives and properties are safe, so we’ve identify with our Security Apparatus locally, some felt they were left out, we’ve been able to give them sense of belonging, and told them we need all hands on deck to have a peaceful, prosperous Ibadan North Local Government.

All Stakeholders Including the councillors who are closer to their people, Will ensure they identify with their Immediate Communities, so we can collectively proffer a lasting solution to all menace incapacitating our progress as a local government.

By next week i will begin a tour of all my local Communities, with the primary aim of identifying with their various challenges, this will help us Channel our projects at the right sector or section with accurate attention.

When asked on how he intend to drive local government Economy, he said ” it’s very important that we bring in local investors, first to encourage others and to improve it locally, those other investors will definitely have their chances, all we need is to effect the needed synergy in to our local business, once it trive we will hit the targeted economic growth desired.

When Asked on how he intends to work with his Vice Chairman, considering the fact that they both contested the same Position together before he came out victorious, “He said I’ve been able to make a lot of moves after the Primaries to meet all Aspirants, stakeholders and that is why they’ve all been able to work for my emergence at the polls.

“I’m a man manager i believe i can manage him, i dont think we will have issues, should there be any we will handle it, we are Experience men and as such should be able to handle things maturely.

Our Correspondent asked if he has an eye on becoming the ALGON Chairman? ” The Executive Chairman of Ibadan North Local Government Hon Yusuff Sahib Oladayo “Said I’m a man who believe in movement, when you move there’s possibilities something great will spring up” for now let’s move and see how the story unfolds.

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