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Apparently, Comrade Makinde Oluwatoyin Premier is a prolific Entrepreneur who have successfully lunched over eleven food products to the market. His brand, Precy has became household name not only because of his vast knowledge in human management but because of his unprecedented food technology background coupled with his passion for winning.

I once discribed him as a man of logical positivism who doesn’t have any form of impossibility in his dictionary. Yes, this is a statement of fact which can be revalidated through his uncommon styles of leading. You will agree with me that he is a master planner cum Strategist. No wonder he keeps soaring higher in his chosen career. Evidently, no leader with such distinctive qualities will fail haven put God first in all his doing.

My first encounter with him as a fresh student in FEDPOFFA was full of mixed feelings, I felt his passion, zeal and dedication and readiness to build noteable leaders. His vision to build versatile comrades across the entire country has come to reality. I am a living testimony.

I always remember his last quote on that fateful day: Deji, ” What you can not confront, you ca never conquer”
Applying the above statement in my day to day activities has helped me alot and I belief if I can have few minutes interview with Precy CEO, the same success story will be testified. No doubt, he is a motivational speaker.

Premier is the type that will never include individual who will always engage in foot-dragging to his team. Everybody desire people who will easily key in to our dream and make things happen without any form of procastination.

For only this reason, I always strive for the best both academically and in activism in order to be in in he good book. For real, there are more to this and It shall be unveiled in my subsiquent article. (This will be premised around my days in Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara state).

If your think Productivity, think Premier, if your think dedication, think Oluwatoyin and if you think borderless leadership, think Omo Makinde.

As stated in one of my article, Premier is one the best risen entrepreneurs in the country and the reason is not unconnected with his track records, experience, dedication, unending innovation and ever renewed zeal towards human development. He has been subjected to various forms of integrity and loyalty test. Oga always come out with clean hands. My mentor is loyal to me and I am always ready to reciprocate this kind gesture.

How best can I celebrate this good friend of Deji Ola whose ultimate goal is to see me breakeven in all my endeavors. A man who have silently invested in me.

Comrade Premier I know can be trusted to produce world class results with little or no supervision but under the guidance of the most high God.

This is a man that always place premium on his disciples and I am happy for what God has done in his life.

Beyond rhetorics, he is a man who will never compromise his stands, for this he deserves our accolades.

May this special day of yours bring to you more visible positivity, productivity, breakthrough and achievement. Happy birthday my leader!

Please remember to blow the candle and make a wish sir

renewed zealotry


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