We’ve Increased Profitability of PTS, Increased Number of Operational Vehicles in PTS From 22 to Over 50 Buses in 2 years – Prince Dare Adeleke


The Oyo state pacesetter Transportation Service Company has a full functional board of Directors under the Leadership of Hon. Dare Adeleke as chairman and the board follows all due processed in the way and manner of it’s administration.

the purported sales of scrap by the opposition party using their agents and cronies to distract the administration of PDP in the state is crying wolf where there’s none.
It is not a new thing for obsolete and unserviceable buses to be sold but due process must be followed. However. We must remind the distractors that .this Administration has increased both in value and income the fortune of Pacesetter transport services.
In spite of the challenges of spare parts of the Daewoo buses processed by the last administration which warranted the attempt to sell them off to primero a company owned by APC stalwart the Makinde administration turned the fortune of the company around by investing in spare parts to bring back over 30 grounded buses and continue to mainting the 20 operational buses met on ground.

FGMC’s have increased their paronage of the company as corporate organizations like Coca-Cola has increased usage of PTS buses as staff buses and likewise. ROM Oil & Extreme manufacturing Company using 8 of our buses while Oriental and Global Manufacturing company are using 3 buses.

The increase in quality of our services has continue to attract religious and social cultural groupsfor chartered services of our buses on a regular basis.

Despite the fact that PTS do not receive monthly subversions. the company pays her staff salaries on the 25th of every month and just like the state Govt. the staff received their salaries on the 18th of July due to sallah festival. Likewise for the first time in 7 years the staff of the company enjoyed promotion nominally and financially.

We therefore wish to inform political jobbers disguising as staff of PTS to join hands for developmental politics in Oyo State.



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