BIRTHDAY: You’re An Exceptional Man of Many Faces—YSO Shower Ecomiunm On Prince Adebowale On His Birthday Anniversary


A Media practitioner popularly known as YSO has joined thousands accross the world to celebrate a loyalist of Governor Makinde and the PA to the Immediate Past Chief of staff to Oyo State Governor, Prince Adebayo Adebowale on the occasion of his birthday Anniversary.

In a statement, YSO personally signed and made available to newsman in Ibadan, hips praises on Prince, It discribe him as man of many faces,


One would at many times wonder how you manage your political, social and family life without allowing Interference from one to the other.

Over the last couple of years, you’ve displayed the virtues of an exceptional person, who had a page for every story.

Prince Adebowale is the first man I’ll encounter who won’t despite any hard time he’s facing either amongst friends or political associate transfer aggression to his family, or anyone around him.


You’ve been a source of inspiration and wisdom to many, your ability to accept the present as it comes and strategize for a better future had given every of your followers an insight to how futuristic you are.

My friend turn brother, my own Ejika as I fondly call you, your struggle as a student leader was overwhelming that you command followers without negotiation, this same qualities have set you different among your pears and are still intact till today .

You have exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership

You have been a role model and an example of selfless giving to this generation, and I’m proud to hold you as someone worthy of emulation.

You have taught me many things throughout the years

Your leadership has meant so much to me, You are a fantastic role model for all those seeking to understand how to make an impact with their life.

Don’t ever stop fighting for what you believe in.

There is no better time to appreciate and congratulate you than on the occasion of your birthday.

As you celebrate your birthday, I pray that your life will be filled with strength, wisdom, grace, and health.

I pray that the days ahead bring you more of God’s strength as well as glory, honor, and peace!

Dear Prince Adebayo Adebowale, you’ve been a great leader and motivator, you’ve taken the responsibility of shouldering many people affairs without rumble, indeed you’re exceptional, for the outstanding things you do, we say Thank You.

on the occasion of your birthday, We wish you more greatness and unfailing health, many happy returns.


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