Shocking Moment Referee Pulls Out Gun As Fight Breaks Out During Football Match


Fans and viewers were left in disbelief after a referee pulled out a gun in the middle of a football match during a scuffle.

The incident was filmed in Honduras as the referee could be clearly seen walking around the pitch with the weapon.

The incident occurred during an amateur match in the western Honduran town of La Jigua.

According to local reports, the referee whose name wasn’t given, brandished the pistol to protect himself from angry supporters who thought he should have awarded their side a penalty.


A relative is said to have handed him the weapon at the end of the match as a fight broke out amongst furious fans.

Shots could be heard in a video which went viral, although it was unclear who fired the shots.

One supporter hurled insults at the ref by calling him a son of a b****.

There were no reports of any injuries as a result of the standoff.

The match official has not been identified and it is not yet clear if he will face any disciplinary action over his radical decision.

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