Teacher Caught Chopping His Female Student In Class Video Goes Viral (WATCH)


Most of our youths in Africa are well-trained by their parents, but they turn into something else when they enter high school, that is because of the type of friends they choose to move around with in high school rather than face their studies.

The teachers in the schools are tasked with the responsibility of taking care of these students and are supposed to be their guidian, but some of them are the ones influencing these teenagers and teaching them bad behaviours. It is becoming rampant that teachers now date female students while female teachers are also dating male students.

The education system in some African countries is too bad to the extent that students now agree to make love with their teachers to get good grades.


This is the case of a teacher who neglected his official duty as a tutor and started engaging in an immoral act with a student. The teacher was caught inside an empty class, kissing and caressing a young as young as his own daughter.

They were in the classroom alone, the student willingly submitted herself to the man without any hesitation whatsoever. The person who recorded the two of them is unknown, but this is too wrong to be done in public.


Source: Smith News

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