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Adamansingba Stadium: Seyi Mankinde’s Projects In Two Years Has Superseded APC’s 8 years Achievements, Olufade oluwaseun Congratulates Makinde On Youthful Impact In Oyo State

Hon. Seun OLUFADE join hands with the good people of Ọ̀yọ́ state in commending the Governor of Oyo state on commissioning of the new Lekan salami Adamasingba stadium. The sporting complex was constructed in 1976 and commissioned in 1988 with various sporting facilities.

The potentials of the sporting complex has however never been used to Its full capacity due to neglect, decay and lack of maintenance of this marmot infrastructure, making most facilities moribund as a result of what many believes is a lack of maintenance culture over the years, many of the structures have been overtaken by bushes and some facilities therein not fit for usage.

In his word, Hon Seun said sporting activities has many roles to play in the life of youths, especially in Oyo state. The lack of ineffective sporting facilities at Adamasingba stadium has not encouraged our youths to participate in sporting activities.

“Take a look at yesterday’s opening match, the shooting stars football club was cultivated to a win due to the provision of basic amenities available to them. It’s cost a good leader nothing to do the right thing to his people at times, and for this we are grateful”

Olufade further said, today I am happy that the moribund sport complex has been turn into a world-class standard stadium with modern fitted equipment and facilities by His Excellency Engr. Oluseyi Makinde (The people’s choice)

I always call our governor, the father of the youths in Oyo state. He has been putting resources together for the betterment and development of youth in Oyo state. With this newly remolded world-class standard stadium, I am sure more youths in Oyo state will kick into sporting activities and this will keep our youths energetic, and they will shun all form of social vices and all sort of youthful exorbitant. An adage says, “an idle hand is a devil’s Workshop”.

When you have something worth doing, you won’t keep bad company to yourself. In other words, it will also boost the economy of our dear state. I commend our visionary Governor and pray almighty God to grant him more wisdom and strength to handle the affair of the state.

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