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REVEALED: Roles Of LG Secretaries, Acting HLAs, Assistant Secretaries In Oyo LCDAs

In Oyo council areas with more than one local council development areas, LCDAs, vice-chairmen, secretaries have roles to play.

In such situation, the vice-chairman man one of the LCDAs while the secretary is drafted to the other.

Where the vice-chairman holds sway, an acting head of local government administration will be drafted to assist him or her.

An acting director/head of department would be appointed in LCDAs where the secretary is the administrator.

For LCDAs, there would an appointment of acting secretaries to perform the official functions of scribes, in an acting capacity.

In a report by Nigerian Tribune, the new administrative/operational structure of LCDAs, makes the acting HLA the administrative head.

The acting HLA, is however answerable to whoever is assigned as the political head of the LCDA.

In the same vein, the acting directors/head of departments in the LCDAs are answerable to the acting heads LCDAs.

Meanwhile, the executive chairman of each local government is empowered to issue letters of appointment delegating the official responsibilities vested in his/her office as executive chairmen to the various appointees.

Affirming the new arrangement, one of the chairmen, who spoke with the Nigerian Tribune, posited that the vice chairmen did not assume a role at the LCDAs as a supremo but still had to liaise with the chairmen who approved of all actions.

“They are there as local government administrators. They remain vice-chairmen; they only oversee the LCDAs for administrative conveniences. The vice-chairmen don’t really have any role than liaise with the executive chairman. The Vice chairman reports to the chairman; it is the chairman that signs their letters,” he said.

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