If Air Could Talk, We Would Be Prudent | Deji Ola


Apology for my paradoxic expression, surely, different strokes for different folks; all lovers of literature works no doubt would appreciate this short but expository piece.

In my journey of life, I have traveled far and near, to the South, West, East and even Limpopo North. This has availed me great opportunities to meet different people from different races. To say, I understand how complex human institution, is an understatement.

Let me also add that, no matter how complex our race is, there are many distinctive qualities which distinguishes my person from others hence the reason for our differences in thinking, approach to issues and other way of life.

While I love deploying analytic approach when solving issues, I know a woman whose best strategy is “priori” does that make me superior than her or vise versa?


The above expression can best be explained using theory X and Y which strategically segmented people in a team into two parts, X explains the importance of heightened supervision, external rewards, and penalties, while Y highlights the motivating role of job satisfaction and encourages workers to approach tasks without direct supervision.

As small as I am, I was privileged to lead different groups in an opened or closed settings and I can confirm authoritatively without any fear of contradiction that Shannon L. Alder was right when she said that “Relationships with negative people are simply tedious encounters with porcupines. You don’t have the remote knowledge on how to be close to them without quills being shot in your direction”

It’s however expedient for one to carefully identify who and who made up a setting while taking informed decision with outstanding premium on results.

As Nigerians are busy celebrating her 61st independence, i have chosen to pick my pen once again and do justice to some matter of interest, this will not only correct some inadequacies in the race that we found ourselves but will also serve as “raw materials” for upcoming generation.

“Apparently, the air could not talk, hence we are where we are; it’s the only thing that can arrest our wrong doing by revealing to the entire world”

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