I Only Realised My Dad Was Rich At 13 – Davido

Growing up as a young lad from a privileged home, singer Davido said he was completely oblivious of his father’s social standing.

In an interview on ‘Earn Your Leisure’, the 29-year-old DMW boss said his father’s humility and modesty still amazes him till date. Adding even as a wealthy man, he didn’t live lavishly and was always preoccupied with work.

Speaking further, the “If” singer stated he only realized his father was wealthy at age 13 when they relocated to their new house.


He said: “Till date, he’s still so humble and modest with the way he spends, the way he goes about his business, the way he handles his business. It’s still amazing to me.


“I remember growing up from like my younger days till I was 11, I wasn’t really close to my day because he was all about work! Work! Work!

“I remember him coming home late every day, building something. I didn’t know what he was doing. I didn’t even know he was rich. I didn’t know he was rich till probably like 13 because he lived so normally.

“Even as a billionaire he used to drive a Honda, brand new. But he had a silver accord, he had a driver. My mom had like a Toyota or so or a Hondo truck or something.

So, I didn’t know because they lived so modestly. Until we moved out of the house to the new house. And when we got to the new house, I’ll never forget.

“So we get to the new house and I’m like, “Oh really!!”

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