Armed Robbers Went Away With A Member Of Their Gang Who Was Shot, All Exit Borders Blocked—Oyo Cp


Full Transcript of Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Ngozi Onadeko’s interview at the scene of the robbery incident.

“First of all I have to say it’s an unfortunate incident, we just finished the retreat and I am coming from the airport directly here”

“It was a coordinated attack but we are still trying to find out what actually happened because they trailed the bullion van from where it took the money from and where it want to dispense it, we could see the shot they made, they were indeed prepared”

“We can’t actually say what went wrong now l, all the exit and borders that leads to oyo state have all been blocked so we are trying our possible best to get them to know what actually happened”

“Nobody was killed as of now , and infact I can’t really say anything now because I am still trying to access the situation and to find out what actually happened but I can tell you sure that two of my men were shot on leg, let’s just do our investigation and then we will be able to tell you and give you more details”

You can see the amotekun, the police men, everyone is here working hand in hand so that we can get the people involved and get the root of what has happened today”


“I will give more information on this when we finally get the details of what actually happened”

“One of the police men on escort with the bullion van shot dead one of the robbers and they carried the robber that was shot with them.”


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