Unveiling A Woman OF Impactful Substance; Mrs Toyin Balogun


To the good people of Ibadan North Federal Constituency in particular and Oyo State in general, we present to you Mrs Toyin Balogun; a Leader with a heart of service, a well developed sense of humility, justice, equity, fairness, ethics, a strong moral code and generosity of spirit as Ibadan North Federal constituency deserves better representation.

The Lead Visioner of the Balogun Makinde Vanguard (BMV) is a personality who derives fulfilment from putting smiles on the faces of her people.

With her at the Green Chamber of the House of Representative, quality representation is assured💯% because she is personable, competent, intelligent,
accessible and she posseses an extensive network of contacts that cuts across the Country.

She has excellent interpersonal people skills, negotiation skills and has the best interest of Ibadan North Federal Constituents at heart at all times.

This is a leader who operates an open door policy, one who is always accessible to all: youths, women and men, without an iota of discrimination and who has been putting smiles on the faces of her people with personal resources for years (long before it became fashionable to do so during this electoral season).

From her antecedents in the Constituency, its evident that she will definitely make a good legislator; an empathetic one who will listen to the pulse of the people, receive feedback from her constituents analyze, incubate and synthesize the information received into a customized solution that will improve the quality of the life of her people.


Based on the foregoing, we have no regrets for the clarion SOS calls made challenging her to throw her hat in the ring in the best interest of Ibadan North constituents.

This is a potential candidate who ticks all the right boxes.







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