Why Hon Oluwaseun Olufade Deserves Our Support To Clinch Ibadan North Federal Constituency Ticket


HON Oluwaseun Olufade is arguably one of the best choice to represent Ibadan North federal constituency, his act of leadership is what make him outstanding among other Aspirants.

True leadership is a representation of the way you work with your team to achieve goals.
A true leader makes an effort to help others develop their skills so they can reach their full potential.

They lead by example and establish strong, trusting relationships to ensure success within the team and for the community as a whole.

Let me expanciate why HON Oluwaseun Olufade is arguably the best.

Displays integrity

A true leader acts with integrity, which means they have ethical values that they follow in all aspects of their life.

Helps others develop

A true leader should aim to develop people to their full potential. By helping individual members advance their skills, they enhance the people potential and, as a result, benefit the community as a whole.


Values relationships

A true leader should value their relationships with people’s above their leadership status.

Holds themselves accountable

A true leader needs to take responsibility for their actions and expect the same from their people. 

Shows honesty

A true leader is always willing to have open and honest conversations with their people.

Practices active listening.

A true leader should always hear what their peoples have to say, both positive and negative.

Promotes a vision.

A true leader takes a vision, whether it is their own or people, and uses it to motivate and inspire their peoples to reach goals.

Displays courage.

A true leader is unafraid of potential conflict or criticism, especially when they have the confidence that what they are doing is for the good of the peoples.

All the afore-mentioned are what we’ve seen in HON Seun Olufade Oluwaseun, thus giving us the assurance that with him our representation is secured.






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