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2023: I’ll Appoint Minister For ‘Stomach Infrastructure’ If Elected President—Fayose

Former Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has appeared before the PDP screening panel where he promised to appoint a Minister for “Stomach infrastructure.

He said, “I told them(panel) the importance of stomach infrastructure. And I equally made it very clear that if I become president of Nigeria.

“I will have a minister for stomach infrastructure and welfare of the people. You can tar all the roads here, you can do every good work on infrastructure but when the people are not happy when people have not looked after, not in a situation where you say Abacha loot must be shared in the market to nobody. When the money eventually ends in the pocket of the poor.

“So, for me, stomach infrastructure is part of being supportive of ordinary Nigeria, as will be necessary. Stomach infrastructure under my watch, as president of Nigeria, will be a major theme.

“No one is saying here that you will not do the needful in terms of developing the country, part of development is the welfare and well being of the people.”

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